REC-Pluz – USD150

USD150( 2 boxes X 18 sachets per box )

REC-Pluz is a proprietary formulation consisting of Collagen Hydrolysate, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, specially meant as a dietary supplement for joints and bones. This product is specially formulated to increase the memory of the kid and elderly . It can also help those who have joints and bones problem. Athletes can use “REC-Pluz” to develop stronger joints, bones and muscles.“REC-Pluz” also revitalizes skin elasticity, reduce wrinkle and improve complexion for young and old people. Regularly consumption can lead to whitening of skin tone and result in younger skin complexion.

Collagen is important for Human Body

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, which accounts for about 80% of our total body protein. Collagen gives structural support in terms of tensile strength and elasticity to bone, joint cartilages, tendons, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, vital organs, hairs & nails. As a person’s age approaches mid-twenties, the production of collagen by the human body will slow down, the rate of reduction is generally in the region of 0.5-1% yearly during the thirties and forties, and will deteriorate at a faster rate during the fifties and sixties. For protein biosynthesis, collagen production by the human body requires building blocks, growth factors and minerals. REC-Pluz not only provide quality collagen in the ready form, it also synthesizes the human body’s own collagen production.

Collagen hydrolysate of average 3000 Dalton molecular size are known to be absorb intact into the blood system readily and will distributed all over the body, but generally at a higher concentration in joint tissues. REC-Pluz contains the recommended 10 gram of Collagen Hydrolysate in each sachet.


• Helps to store water in the skin
• Delay aging and relieves joint pain
• Maintaining strong and healthy bones
• Strengthen the muscle and the metabolism
• Reduce the risk of estrogen linked cancers

• Increase mental alertness and reduce stress
• Nails and hair become stronger & healthier
• Help to nourish blood and anti cell oxidation
• Anti-inflammatory
• Prevent Osteoporosis
• Prevent blood pressure
• Improve muscle strength
• Improve skin’s elasticity

• Lower blood cholesterol
• Strengthen immune system
• Strengthens kidney functions
• Supports the digestive system


Two sachets a day, one taken before bed and the other in the early morning, by dissolving in one glass (250ml) of lukewarm or cold water. For best result, consume immediately. This REC-Pluz product can also mixed with ice water. It has a pleasant flavor, which will be attracted by children.


Royalife REC-Pluz is able to cope with other medicine and diet
Recommended storage place :
Store it at places below 25 degrees Celsius, away from direct sunlight areas. Avoid putting under the sun inside car.


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