This Is The Attitude Of What You Should Do To Your Spouse, If Your Marriage Want Happiness

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Cargo Udara & Kurir

You want the wedding of Joy and harmony? Of course, I was so, here I try to share with you tips lightly
so that your marriage be happy at least in this survey of the experience I Take My Personal I already feel.

1st. Do not get mad at the same time.
Anger abstinence should you when you’re fighting with your spouse, such as My Parents said, anger met with anger, like a meeting with Fire to Fire, Can you imagine what would happen? surely you understand what I mean.

2nd. Do not yell at the same time, except for house fires !
This point in the explanation is almost the same as the first Point.

3. When you fight with your partner, try to beat you to win
This is the most detailed explanation of the two points above

4. Restrain your spouse with love honey
Although this sounds easy, but very much have a very deep meaning for the harmony of your marriage, if you are not familiar with this case, try doing it slowly, and see what happens.

5. Forget past mistakes
Is not a wise attitude, remember your partner’s past mistakes

6. Please forget about everything else, but not to your spouse
This means, how busy your work or activity, it could still pay attention to your partner even just say hello

7. Do not keep the anger until sunset

The purpose of this case, is not good for you and your spouse quarrel and not spoken to each other in a long time, after a dispute that occurred.

8. Frequently give praise to your mate
Do not be stingy to praise your spouse, even if you must lie, of course your goal to always please her all the time, believe in Me, your future spouse will do the same thing

9. Willing to admit mistakes
There is no one you recognize his mistakes you make to your mate, especially if you are really guilty

10. In the fights, the most talkative he is wrong
Typically, your selfishness so high, causing It happens. Try to change it slowly for the happiness of your wedding

Maybe it was just tips lighter than I am, based on the experience I have experienced. hopefully useful, How about You ?


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